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The number of omicron cases increased in Sydney

The number of omicron cases increased in Sydney

The health authorities in Australia have reported that the number of cases of the new Omicron mutant of the Corona virus in the city of Sydney has risen to 13,

In the same context, the State of Australia, yesterday, Friday, detected the first case of the new strain of Omicron, for a young man who did not travel outside the country, which indicates that the mutant has begun to spread in the same country, and it had previously told the World Health Organization that the new mutant is worrisome.

The infection was discovered in Sydney, which is the largest city in Australia, despite the ban on entry to non-citizens to the country, in addition to the imposition of restrictions on flights from South Africa, the continent where the new mutation was first discovered last November.

The New South Wales Ministry of Health stated, in a statement, that the person confirmed to have the Omicron mutated has not traveled outside the country, and he has no connection with people who have also traveled abroad, stressing that searches for his contacts are still continuing.

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